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Picture of Zach Kosturos - President of Prime Locations in Olympia Washington
About Zach

In February 2009, while the world was falling apart, I decided to get into commercial real estate, beginning my career as a commercial broker. By August of that year I owned one-third of Prime Locations and by the middle of 2012, I owned the entire company.

Today, Prime Locations employs close to 40 individuals, manages over $250 million of investment property and brokers transactions in excess of $50 million annually.

In addition to owning and operating Prime, I have put together multiple real estate investment partnerships which have acquired valuable commercial property throughout the area because I believe in putting your money where your mouth is.

I believe it’s important to be an investor in the very thing you’re telling others to invest in their hard earned money in.

I believe the only way you’ll ever really be able to serve others to the best of your ability is to walk in their shoes.

So that’s what I do.

But I also do it because I believe commercial real estate is one of the most underrated investment vehicles in the marketplace today and because I’ve experienced first hand the upside that exists for those who invest in commercial real estate wisely.

There’s simply no other investment vehicle out there that offers the type of cash flow, tax savings and equity appreciation you get by intelligently investing in commercial property.

But many people don’t invest intelligently. They simply invest like everyone else and get average results.

I’ve never been someone who’s happy with average results and I learned early on that in order to get better results than others, I’d have to do things differently, which is why I’ve spent the last eight years developing what I like to call the ‘Investor’s Approach’ to commercial real estate.

It’s an approach, it’s a mindset, it’s a system and it’s a philosophy I put to work every time I make an investment of my own and it’s what we’ve incorporated into everything we do at Prime Locations.

And It’s an approach that’s different from most in the commercial real estate world.

But it’s an approach that works. It’s an approach that delivers fantastic results.

If you’d like to know more about my ‘Investor’s Approach’, or if you’d like to connect, you can contact me by calling the office at 360.943.9922.


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