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About Priscilla

I have made Thurston County home since 1985. A commercial and investment real estate broker and investor, I started her journey with Prime Locations by way of a graduate degree in Landscape Architecture, focusing primarily on resource management in urban watersheds. This specialized area led to my involvement in several ad hoc committees around the city of Olympia and throughout Thurston County. Through a mutual employer, I met Jeff Powell and Dean Questi and together we formed Prime Locations in 1988.

I have focused my career on understanding and aligning small business interests in this community. I’ve done this not only by helping buyers and sellers of real estate meet their goals and objectives, but also by being a hands-on participant in the local decision-making process. A veteran of several ad hoc committees representing business in local jurisdictions, I have also represented the small business interest by sitting on various boards of trustees. I am a staunch and persistent spokesperson for entrepreneurs and small business people. I derive immense satisfaction from building or buying a new investment property, developing a plan for that property, and then bringing that plan to fruition.

In my spare time, you’ll find me gardening, which I admit actually eats up the majority of what little spare time I might have to begin with. When I’m not tending to the garden, I am an avid reader, enjoy hiking, and have begun learning to play the piano in recent years.

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