At Prime, no matter what we're doing, we do it as a team. Our clients don't just benefit from one person's experience but from all of ours combined.

Zach Kosturos

President & Designated Broker

I believe commercial real estate is one of the most underrated investment vehicles there is and I love helping my clients and investment partners take advantage of that and realize remarkable returns.

Zach Strong

Vice President

I firmly believe that talent can only take you so far. What truly separates us as individuals is our work ethic/drive and enthusiasm for what we do.

Troy Dana

Vice President – Unique Properties Group

Troy Dana is Prime Locations’ vice president of its Unique Properties Group division.

Chad Fairburn

Commercial Investment Manager

I began my career in real estate accounting. That background enables me to focus on my goal of managing assets in a way that promotes consistent growth in revenue, profit, and value.

Kristin Kirshner


I have learned how to juggle…literally juggle…like in the circus. But, I also have learned to juggle my time so that I have been able to attend night school, earn two degrees, care for my growing family and work as an accountant.

Garett Hall


I am happiest when I’m helping business owners find the perfect location for their new store or getting a tenant out of a situation that distracts them from doing what they do best.

Donna Stephens


In addition to 15 years of experience in commercial real estate, I have also been a local business owner here in the area and have personally invested in commercial properties.

Priscilla Terry


I have made Thurston County home since 1985 and I have focused my career on understanding and aligning small business interests in this community.

Rebecca Ridenour

Office & Human Resource Manager

I joined the Prime Locations team in December of 2015. My extensive background in property management, love for people and all things “HR” created the perfect fit for me as Office Manager.

Joni Baker


It wasn’t long before real estate had me hooked – I loved it and the rest, as they say, is history! It felt like every single thing I had done in my life previously had led me towards this career.

Mike Dowling


I arrived at Prime Locations via an unconventional route – law school. It was the logical follow-up to my undergraduate degree in sports management and marketing, and a great lead-in to commercial real estate.

Susan Schuster

Commercial Management Assistant

My attention to detail and bookkeeping skills brought me to the corporate office, working in our commercial property management department and I love it! I look forward to coming to work every day!

Wendy Young


I have 20 years’ experience in accounting and a passion for numbers. It is because there are no gray areas, numbers don’t lie.

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