Since 1988 we've been helping entrepreneurs, investors and developers grow their businesses and investment returns by finding better properties, negotiating better deals and operating commercial real estate more efficiently and profitably.


Whether you’re a business owner looking for your next location, a developer looking for a great develpment opportunity, an investor looking to buy or sell a property, or an owner looking for help managing your asset, we can help.

Tenant & Buyer Representation

If you’re looking for that perfect property to buy or lease for your business or your next investment, we can help.

Landlord & Seller Representation

If you’re looking for help filling a vacancy or selling your commercial or investment property, we can help.

Investment Property Management

Our investment management system has allowed property owners to enjoy passive income and peace of mind.

Unique Property Sales

For properties that don’t fit in the traditional commercial real estate box, we created the Unique Properties Group.

Property Maintenance

For those owners who manage their own property remotely, we can be an extension of your team and your “boots on the ground”.

Real Estate Consulting

If you’re an investor or developer looking for local market information before you start spending time and money, we can help.


We believe that to get better results, you have to do things differently. If you look at the commercial real estate landscape, most companies and brokers do things the same way and they get similar results. We’re not interested in doing what everyone else is doing and we don’t want average results. That’s why we do things differently.


There’s a big difference between talking about doing things differently and actually doing them differently. Here are just a few things we do differently from everyone else.

1. Work As A Team

You just wouldn’t believe how many real estate brokerages have more doors shut in their offices than open. Most brokers out there are lone wolves trying to deliver all by themselves.

Not us. 

We do everything as a team. We tackle every challenge together. We’ve seen first-hand how much more effective a company is when it’s leveraging everyone’s knowledge, expertise, and network instead of just one person’s.

2. Direct Response Marketing

Most commercial real estate companies market exactly the same way. Big, corporate looking packets of information, coupled with stale, dry copy are the norm in this industry. So is sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

Not here.

Our extensive background in direct response marketing gives us a competitive advantage because we understand that the success of every marketing effort comes down to the list, the message, the method of delivering the message, and the system deployed to make it repeatable.

3. You First Mentality

We think the vast majority of companies (not just in real estate) approach business backwards. Most companies try and extract value (commissions, etc.) from their clients instead of creating value for them!

Not us. 

Our sole focus, in everything we do, is to create value for you. We know that if we create value for you first, everything will work out just fine for us.

4. Investor's Approach

We understand that whether you’re asking us to help you lease, buy, sell, or manage commercial property, you’re making an investment. That’s why we believe in taking an “Investor’s Approach” to everything we do.

We are always looking at things as if we were your partner, investing our own money alongside yours. We don’t advise our clients do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves. We lease, operate and sell our own investment properties because we believe in practicing what we preach.

5. Leverage Technology

Commercial real estate as a whole is still in the stone age when it comes to utilizing technology.

Not us!

We leverage ALL of the latest, most powerful technology to deliver better results.

Our management software platform allows access from anywhere and any device, as well as online rent pay, digital lease signing, tenant and owner portals, and the list goes on.

When we list a property for sale or lease, every property gets its own website with a document vault, Google Analytics, state of the art internet marketing capability and so much more.

We believe, again, that to get better results means we have to do things differently and utilizing the latest technology to its fullest potential is a no-brainer for us!

What Our Clients Say

Joni Baker has been deeply involved in our real estate acquisitions for years. She brings intelligence and intuition to the opportunities we review and to the deals we want to do.

Ron Meyers

We have depended upon Prime Locations Inc. to provide advice and direction related to our investments and have established an excellent long-standing relationship built on trust and respect.

Rob Deines

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